Plate Meter Warranty

Your HandPro Plate Meter (Pasture Meter) is guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and/or workmanship under normal use and service for a period of 6 months from date of initial purchase.

HanPro liability and obligation is limited to problems which HanPro acknowledges to be defective under the guarantee conditions either to:-
– the free replacement or repair (where practicable) at the HanPro premises of any parts returned within the guarantee period
– or shipment of replacement parts to the customer, as mutually agreed to
Supply of non standard parts or services from other than HanPro are not covered under the guarantee conditions unless prearranged, in writing, with HanPro.
Shipment of product to HanPro the consumers responsibility and cost Guarantee conditions are void for any of the following reasons:-
– Abnormal use of the product
– Accident damage or vandalism
– Modifications or unauthorised repairs to the product or its components
– Where component “seconds” have been supplied
– Normal wear and tear
HanPro cannot be liable for any damage caused to people or other property during use of the product or as a result of any defect or malfunction of product or components supplied by HanPro. Use of the product is solely the users responsibility. Other losses such as delays in work, incorrect or misleading information, omissions and errors, HanPro is not liable for.

This guarantee is expressed in lieu of all other guarantees expressed or implied and all other obligations and liabilities on HanPro’s part and specifically excluding consequential damage. HanPro makes no guarantee of merchantability or fitness for purpose and is not responsible to any purchaser of its products for any undertaking, representation or guarantee, except those stated in these terms, made by any person, dealer or body corporate selling or dealing with its products in any manner what so ever.