Jenquip Plate Meters

Jenquip has been manufacturing Plate Meters for many years and is backed by a network of distributors in key countries around the world. Jenquip is always improving the plate meter range and the most recent modification has been a straight handle and an octagonal plate which is suitable for the EC09, EC10 and EC20 models. Unique to the Jenquip range is the all in one case which is used on the Electronic Plate Meter models. The all in one case eliminates the issue of the control box moving and also houses all moving parts which avoids damage to the potentiometer and cog.

  • No Loose Mounts
  • Protected potentiometer
  • Less maintenance
  • No bottom plastic to come loose
  • Retained battery holder cannot fall out and battery can be changed without difficulty
  • Counter can be retrofitted to some plate meter models including Manual Plate Meters and other brands of plate meters which includes Farmworks and Aghub

Jenquip is always looking at opportunities to integrate with other companies. An example of this is the development of the Android App which integrates with. Farm IQ, Agrinet, PBI and Pasture Coach.

UK & EU Plate Meter importer

HanPro is an official importer of the Jenquip and Agriworks range of Plate Meters into the UK and Europe and for further information contact us


Jenquip plate meters