Jenquip ec20 plate meter

The EC20 has come a long way since it’s introduction over 24 months ago. The App recently been upgraded and a portal has been developed which the EC20, through the app will be able to communicate with.

The Portal will have the ability to 

  • Store Maps which will enable the user to 
    • Allocate feedbreaks
    • Automaticllay identify paddocks
  • Integrate with weather stations to
    • Receive soil temperature data
    •  Receive soil Moisture data 

The aim is to use this data to inform the user of the best equation to use. there is always a debate as to what is the best equation and the information will eliminate any guesswork. .

The Portal will also integrate with third parties such as Satellite companies to be used as a benchmark to improve accuracy.

As well as the above through technology that is already available it will be able to monitor where the herd has grazed.

Is this available now? The simple answer is no but the portal has been built and the additional featureas will come online in due course



EC20 Bluetooth Plate Meter

Jenquip EC20 Plate Meter Upgrade


EC20 Bluetooth Plate Meter

Jenquip EC20 Bluetooth Plate Meter