Choosing a Plate Meter

Choosing a Plate Meter is straight forward as the main elements of the plate meters are similar and it is only the plate meter counters that differ. All Jenquip plate meters are high quality, accurate and reliable pasture meters for measuring grass covers and we don’t recommend one pasture meter over the other. In the end, it comes down to personal preference and budget. Jenquip manufactures the Jenquip and Agriworks range of plate meters which HanPro imports and distributes throughout Europe

Which rising pasture meter to choose?

The Jenquip Manual Folding Plate Meter is low cost and works well, but does require meter readings to be converted into pasture cover values when  back in the farm office. For each paddock measured, two or three counter readings have to be written down in a notebook.

The Electronic  Plate Meters EC09, EC10 (USB) and EC20 (Bluetooth) are a easier to use, though do cost more than the Manual Plate Meter. The instant readout on the plate meter in the case of the EC09 and EC10, or using the included App for the EC20, is great for training users to assess pasture cover ‘by eye’. All the calculations are done for you, with the EC09, EC10 and EC20. Also the EC10 and EC20 Plate Meters will store the data.

Full range of plate meters