Agrinet Grass is a web based grass software system that is widely used in a number of countries. It includes grass wedges, budgets, autumn and spring planners plus a number of other functions.
It’s ideal for farmers, farm advisers and discussion groups.

Grass Covers

Grass covers (in kg Dry matter per Hectare) are most frequently measured by eyeball, plate meter or quadrant (cut & weigh). The farmers who get most value from this system measure grass once a week.



Spring Rotation Planner

The spring rotation planner is a key early season tool. It simple displays the percentage of the farm that should be grazed each week.






Grass Wedge

The grass wedge appears as soon as the grass covers have been saved. This gives you an instant overview of the current grass supply and demand and is ideal for the mid season grazing period. There are a number of “what if” scenarios that can now be tried.






Grass Budget

A grass budget can be done for any period during the year. But it is most often used to plan for a reserve of grass to be built up in the autumn for late autumn grazing, and also to carry grass over the winter for early spring grazing the following year.


To view all of the functions on Agrinet follow this link


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